Full Moon Fridays Night Golf

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It's a Friday night. The moon is out. You want something different and fun to do. And then it hits you: a golf ball! A golf ball hits you because you're trying to golf at night, but aren't using glow-in-the-dark balls. We've got glow-in-the-dark balls. And flags. And beer and fun. Well, the beer isn't glow-in-the-dark, but you get it.

Join Haystack's FULL MOON FRIDAYS!
From Dark till Late ~ see below for start times
$40/person ~ Pre-registration REQUIRED

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Register online now with Paypal, or call/visit the clubhouse: 303-530-1400. For online registration, select the registration you want below. Each registration requires a new selection, but you may register for multiple people or dates before you go to Paypal's payment page.

Full Moon Friday Dates
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Schedule & Themes

July 19 | The Buck Shot's Here
The full moon this month is the "Buck Moon." Free small bucket of balls if you wear camo, wear antlers, or buy a shot of whiskey at the bar and tell someone "good huntin."

  • Sunset is 8:25pm
  • Arrive no later than 9:00
  • Shotgun start at 9:30

August 16 | Something's Fishy, Doc
The full moon this month is the "Sturgeon Moon." Free small bucket of balls if you wear or carry fishing-themed gear, doctor/surgeon-themed gear, or ask us, "What's up Doc?"

  • Sunset is 7:56pm
  • Arrive no later than 8:30
  • Shotgun start at 9:00

September 13 | Corny Copia
The full moon this month is the "Harvest Moon." Free small bucket of balls if you wear overalls, a straw hat, flannel shirt, or somehow rig corn husks and wheat sprigs in yer hair.

  • Sunset is 7:12pm
  • Arrive no later than 8:00
  • Shotgun start at 8:30

Info & FAQs

  • Register Two Weeks Before

Required two weeks before the date. Payment is due at registration. Register at the clubhouse, by calling, or online at GolfHaystack.com/Full-Moon-Fridays.

  • Grouping requests

This is made at the time of registration. Maximum group size is four, with larger groups in close proximity (if possible).

  • One comped glow ball ~ buy or bring any extras

Your registration grants you one glow ball. We sell glow-in-the-dark golf balls at the cost of $8/ball. Bring your own or buy as many extras as you need.

  • Food & bar service

The "kitchen" closes at sunset, but we have snacks you can buy. Bar closes about two hours after the shotgun start unless the tips be rollin' in.

  • The theme and range balls

It is not required that you participate in the theme, but if you do, we will give you a coin for a free small bucket of range balls. You can use it that night (if you arrive early enough) or save it for another day.

  • Age & skill level requirements

Although the event is open to anyone age 14+, it's not as much fun if you always hit the ball into the rough... in the dark... unless that's how you like to play. Just remember you must keep up a good pace of play.

  • What's a "Shotgun" start?

Everyone gets into place at a different tee box and waits. When you hear the loud noise echoing hither and yon, play begins.

  • What if I arrive late?

We require everyone to arrive on time so that you can be put with your group and have enough time to walk to the tee box you are assigned to. If you arrive after your group has left, then you will have to wait until we can fit you in safely. It may not be with your group and it may not be right away.

  • Be courteous & civilized

We are not going to hammer down on a good time, but if there are frat house antics, property damage, or obscene/unruly behavior, you will be booted with no refund or apology. We'll have a ranger on duty and notify our neighbors of the event. If this notice upsets you, then it's written specifically with you in mind.

  • Cancellations & rainchecks

If you cancel with at least two weeks notice, full refund. If you cancel with at least two days notice, select a different Full Moon Friday to join (based on availability) or we will issue golf credit if we are already full for future dates. Less than two days notice, we issue golf credit at our sole discretion if your cancellation does not cause much extra hardship.

If the weather's bad and we need to cancel, we will issue a raincheck for a different Full Moon Friday or golf credit at your choice. If you suspect we may be rained out, be sure to call ahead! We will also send a cancellation email blast to everyone who is registered.