Haystack is fun.
Haystack is beginner-friendly.
Haystack is family-owned, casual, and unique. Located along Niwot's beautiful Left Hand Creek, our little corner of paradise is a nine-hole golf course that can be played in about an hour and a half.

Take a long lunch, stop by after work, or make a day of it with your friends or family. But remember… Haystack is fun, so check us out!

Haystack's Response to County Violation Accusation



Want to help Haystack?  Send a note to the Boulder County Commisioners at https://www.bouldercounty.org/government/elected-officials/commissioners/contact-the-commissioners/

Where Everyone can Learn to Play

Haystack is known as the place where "many people learn to first play golf." Our golf clinics, classes, and instruction is great for players of all skill levels.

  • Becky Clark, Haystack's  LPGA professional leads the team with private lessons, group lessons, junior lessons, and requests. Click the "Lessons" menu to learn more.
  • The Learnin' Lodge is open by appointment only for private lessons or practice, year round and in any kind of weather. CLICK HERE for info on utilizing our indoor practice and play building.
  • "No-Embarrassment Golf School" has been teaching new golfers in a friendly environment since the 60's. CLICK HERE to learn more and join.